Support customized products 

calligraphy brush, rice paper, ink strips, inkstone, calligraphy fan, stone seal, packing box,Ink painting ...

About our factory:

Our office is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. We have our factory in Mainland China. In contrast, the production cost in Mainland China will be much lower.

Regarding the price

If you need to buy large quantities, we can give you a better price. Also, we support customizing various patterns on our products. For specific pricing, please contact us by email.


 You can email (support@confuciuscalligraphy.com) to customize with us, and if you are in mainland China or Hong Kong, we are very willing to negotiate with you offline.

About payment

About payment: We support paypal, stripe and credit card payment, we have registered companies in mainland China and Hong Kong. And we cooperate with a lot of art studios and schools, that are trustworthy.