The story unfolds on a sunny summer afternoon in my father's study, where my family and I gathered. My father, Jun Qiu, a devoted artist with a profound love for calligraphy and Chinese brush painting, eagerly shared his Asian brush painting artworks with me and a few American friends.

As my father spoke about the joy and techniques of painting, my American friends, Sarah and Jessica, were captivated by his artworks. Amidst laughter and lively conversation, they exchanged painting tips and cooking recipes, creating a delightful atmosphere filled with creativity.

Over time, Sarah and Jessica became close friends, leading to the exchange of parcels filled with thoughtful gifts. In their letters, they revealed the challenges they faced in obtaining high-quality Asian brush painting supplies in the West. Inspired by their struggles, a brilliant idea struck my father.

"Why not start an online shop and provide premium Asian brush painting supplies to art enthusiasts worldwide?" my father proposed excitedly.

With this idea in mind, my father dedicated considerable time and effort to the endeavor. However, as he delved into the complexities of running an online shop, he realized that his true passion lay in sharing the joy of painting and calligraphy, rather than managing web design, databases, shipping regulations, and daily emails. Consequently, he decided to pass the baton to me and refocus on his art by moving back to our hometown in Hunan to live with my aunt.

This marked my entrance into the spotlight. While I have a deep appreciation for various forms of Chinese art, I don't possess the same level of talent as my father and cousins. However, armed with an English major and wonderful friends who assisted me with wording and translation, I took on the challenge. Today, our team continues to expand, thanks to the tremendous support from our cherished customers.

Our team members bring diverse talents; Lily specializes in product design and manages IT, Olivia is a business major with a passion for photography and underground art, and Emma, one of my closest friends from university, also contributes her skills.

Together, we joined forces to transform our site into a remarkable destination. Our pride stems from having customers from numerous countries across the globe.

Our entire family and friends rally behind this project, offering creative ideas, suggesting useful new products, and allowing us to capture their painting experiences through photos and videos, which we then share with new friends from all corners of the world.

We welcome any feedback on how we can further improve our site and what you love about it.

Lulu Qiu & Team