Who is Bai Juyi?

By Fei Gao on Nov 15, 2023

Bai Juyi (772-846 AD), also known as Bai Letian, was a great Chinese realistic poet of the Tang Dynasty. He is known as "the Demon of Poetry" and "the King of Poetry".

Bai Juyi's poetry

Bai Juyi's poetry has the following characteristics:

Popularity:Bai Juyi's poetry is popular and easy to understand, without complicated rhetoric and allusions, so it is known as "even old ladies can understand".
Realism:Bai Juyi's poetry often reflects real life, exposes social contradictions, and has a strong realistic spirit.
Satire and humor:Bai Juyi's poetry often uses satire and humor to criticize social phenomena.
Bai Juyi's representative works

Bai Juyi's representative works include:

New Yuefu:Bai Juyi's representative works, which include more than 1,100 poems, mainly reflect the social reality at that time.
The Song of Everlasting Sorrow:A narrative long poem tells the love story of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang and Yang Guifei.
The Song of the Pipa:A narrative long poem tells the tragic experience of a pipa girl.
Viewing the Waterfall in Lushan:Describes the magnificent scenery of Lushan Waterfall.
Early Departure from White Emperor City:Expresses the author's love for the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland.
Evaluation of Bai Juyi

Bai Juyi is an outstanding poet of the Tang Dynasty, and his poetry has had a profound impact on later generations. He is known as "the Demon of Poetry" and "the King of Poetry", and is paired with Du Fu as "Li Du".


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